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Friday, September 22, 2017


Aaron Hernandez apparently had a bad case of CTE.

That explains a lot about his life and crimes. CTE is nasty.

I've said before that parents who let their kids play contact sports will, sooner or later, find themselves at risk of being accused of child abuse or neglect.

Say you're a late 20s or 30-something parent. Your kid wants to play contact sports. How are you going to feel twenty years later when it's clear that your child has a form of dementia related to playing contact sports? That's, in part, going to be on you. You let your kid play such sports when their brains were still developing and the risk of damage was much higher. And nowadays, you can't even say "I didn't know". The information is out there. You could have known, you should have known.

When it comes to CTE, the NFL is arguably worse than the tobacco industry. The drugs is the tobacco industry's product. Those kids and young men who are at high risk of CTE are he NFL's product. When it comes to making money from suffering, the NFL stands out above almost all others.

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3383 said...

He was a violent asshole long before CTE had a chance to affect him.