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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

S&W 929 Review

Pat Kelley's review:

He's obviously a fine shot and he's having fun.

But even if I was in the mood to drop a kilobuck on a range toy, I'd pass based on this review. I'd think that a Performance Center gun would not require one to crank the sights all the way over in order to sight in the gun.

And he's probably right in supposing that the barrel is sized for revolver bullets.

The S&W 929, even with a titanium cylinder, weighs 44oz.

If you do have a gun with a titanium cylinder, remember: Do not use metal bore brushes on the cylinder. Nylon only!


Tod Germanica said...

A solution in search of a problem. Revolvers shoot rimmed rounds from the 19th century. This kludge is more like the .45ACP model of 1917, built in a panic in WWI to use US service ammo. Is this heavy ass, expensive, out_of_tune revolver for use in case your service pistol breaks and all you have is 9mm cartridges? Hunting varmints? Home defense? Granted, it shoots a better penetrating round than the Colt or Smith 1917, but that just means you'll shoot through several houses-get a shotgun. I don't get it.
But now I'm thinking about all those sweet sweet pawnshop Brazil-crest .45ACP Smith 1917s for $435, OBO, with the nice trigger pull that I didn't buy. What was I thinking?

Pretzelogic in Philly, PA said...

Comrade, I imagine you might not be seeing this until later, but I did want to say, שנה טובה (shana tova)!

Comrade Misfit said...

Plretzelogic, thank you. I was slow in putting up a post for Rosh Hashana.

Tod, the gun is a range toy. It's for being able to shoot cheaper ammo in combat revolver matches. 9mm is around the $8/box range when bought in bulk, which isn't terribly much more than rimfire. I don't need a humongous N-frame gun, but if S&W made this in K/L frame size, I'd think about buying one.