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Monday, September 18, 2017

Once Again, We See the Usual Global Response to Ethnic Cleansing

Despite international condemnation of Myanmar’s campaign of violence against the Rohingya people, there have been few calls for a return to the sort of sanctions that were long a feature of the country’s relationship with the West.

After a Rohingya militant group attacked police outposts last month, Myanmar’s military, along with vigilante groups, launched a crackdown in the western state of Rakhine, triggering a refugee crisis that has sent more than 400,000 Rohingya fleeing to neighboring Bangladesh.
Gee, it's unprecedented to herd the civilian population into camps or expel them! (The hell it is.)

Color me unsurprised.

And I'm not surprised that China would close it's eyes to human suffering if there is a yuan to be made out of it. They'll happily kill off tens of millions of their own people without a second thought, they're not going to care about some foreigners.


Thomas Ten Bears said...

Not to downplay them, but for a moment let's ignore the specifics and recognize this migratory effect being played out in the temperate coastal lowlands around the world as a harbinger. As our atmosphere continues to deteriorate and these places become unsustainable people will move. The "push", be it politioreligious violence, drought and desertification, or yearly thousand year floods, is moot in the generally accepted vernacular.

Seven and a half billion people on a planet that can barely sustain one. Do the Math.

Hiren Bhatt said...

Very well said, my friend. Thanks.

B said...

Then there is this:


And I have a question for Thoma:

What, exactly, has "climate chamg"/AGW done to make the lowlands of the area in question uninhabitable or"unsustainable"?

I'm not being snarky, I am asking. "cause I can't see anywhere where that is happening due to CC. There is overpopulation and misuse of resources, and overharvesting beyond sustainable, but that has nothing to do with"Climate Change".

Anonymous said...

Let's ignore the specifics and accept an unproven theory as fact, you mean, Mr Ten Bears? Please cite data to support your opinions. What migratory effect? I note that neighbouring Thailand has no such strife or population displacement despite sharing a peninsula. The atmosphere is deteriorating? Pray tell, how so? The planet can only sustain one billion people? There have been over one billion people on the planet for the past two centuries and lots of us are fat. Yes there have been famines in the 20th and 21st century but almost all were politically created, such as the starving of the kulaks in the Ukraine by Stalin and Mao's 'Great Leap Forward' (into stupidity) or the socialist caused crisis in Venezuela today.


CenterPuke88 said...

Let's see:


Interesting analysis showing increase of over 20% in rainfall over the past ~30 years.

An example of local reporting of changes:


I can't wait for B to proclaim that a liberal newspaper...

One of the relief groups working in the area:


UN study documenting changes in the monsoon starting in 1977:


Another local article on changes:


Another region paper noting changes in the critical monsoon:


More local coverage:


IPCC report, Asia section:


Another UN report from a Myanmar government official:


More reports:


Another government report:




Yet another local publication:


Another study on river systems:


That'll get you started.

dinthebeast said...

OK, these are things you can know if you want to. A Google search for "population displacement climate change" yields 5,970,000 results, the first of which is "scholarly articles for population displacement climate change", and a few entries down is a link to the UNHCR which says near the top "Since 2009, an estimated one person every second has been displaced by a disaster, with an average of 22.5 million people displaced by climate- or weather-related events since 2008."

All he was saying is that we will be seeing a lot more of this type of event in the near future due to climate change, and if you don't believe him, take a look at the US Virgin Islands right about now, and then again next week after the next hurricane (Maria) is through with them.

Or not, your call.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...


You didn't answer my question (which wasn't directed at you, anyway, but thanks).

What, specifically, was the issue that was caused by "Climate Change" that caused the dislocation?

(And, just in case you weren't aware, hurricanes have been happening for a few years now, starting even before AGW became "Climate Change" as a rebranding when there turned out not to be any global warming.

Thomas Ten Bears said...

The Daily Beast [snorting derisively]. You crack me up, boy.

In that there is already a sizable population of the temperate coastal displaced in Ottowa, Al, not to mention Mid-Easerners fleeing drought induced politicoreligious war, maybe you should get out more. If you can't see what's happening all around you, you not a part of the conversation. Go sit down somewhere and shut up. Be seen and not heard.

B said...

So you don't have an answer then. Got it. I figured.

Did you READ the article? Perhaps you should before dismissing it.

Why can't you behave? Be civil? It was a reasonable question.

dinthebeast said...

The denial of reality when doing so slows the response to a situation that will at best, displace millions of people, as it already has, and at worst kill millions of people, for cheap, political points in support of the fossil fuel industry and no-one else is neither civil nor reasonable.

-Doug in Oakland

Dark Avenger said...

B, show us on the doll where TB hurt your Snowflake feelings.

B said...

Da: Now you are stooping to his level as well. No hurt feelings here, Just another disappointing example of Leftists thinking they don't have to be civilized and can act like spoiled children. Mind you, this is a minority of leftists, but they are not an insignificant percentage. Again, why can't TTB act like a civilized adult? He's pretty much made an ass out of himself, and he (and you) know it. He didn't even read the article he so (snortingly) dismissed, which was about the fact that the coverage of the ethnic cleansing is being purged by Facebook and other social media. Not my blog to enforce the rules on...as far as I am concerned, he can be an abusive ass. It's just words to me.

I'm still waiting for a specific answer as to what Climate Change effect caused the attempted ethnic cleansing?

Comrade Misfit said...

Enough of this shit.

Die, comment thread, DIE!