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Monday, July 17, 2017

New Trump Attack: "It's the Secret Service's Fault!"

That's what President* Trump's personal mouthpiece said on the Sunday morning talk shows: That it was the fault of the Secret Service for letting Donnie, Jr. meet with people purporting to be peddling Russian intelligence on Clinton.

The Secret Service responded by pointing out that Donnie the Lesser wasn't one of their protectees at the time. As they observed, ensuring that people not under their protection don't do stupid things isn't their job.

Meanwhile, Trump is using campaign funds to pay for his son's lawyer. Which may be legal, but it's a little sketchy. When you donate to a campaign, I don't believe that you've contemplated that you've donated to a legal defense fund to keep the candidate's kid out of stir.

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D. said...

Where are my histories of the early Roman Empire? They seem to be apposite.