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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Shorter Cop's Lawyer: "Cops Can Kill Everyone in Sight If They Hear a Loud Noise."

That's pretty much what he said.

So if a cop hears a loud noise, he gets to act like he's firing off the "death blossom" in The Last Starfighter?

Best not to approach a police officer out in public, then. You can never be sure that he isn't going be startled like a bunny rabbit and begin shooting at everyone he sees.


Wraith said...

I understand that bodycam use at the MPD is around 45%.

Having dealt with the MPD(5th Precinct in particular), I have no doubt as to why. There's way too high a percentage of goons and idiots that are allowed to run around with a badge and gun in Minneapolis.

But remember, we don't need guns because the police will protect us, right...?

Leo Knight said...

A coworker of mine said that Ms. Damond deserved to be killed because she walked up to the police car, that she brought it on herself. He also said that if anyone did that to him, he'd shoot them, too. Fortunately, he's not a cop. Yet. But I hear they're hiring.