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Monday, July 10, 2017

Fear Works; United Airlines Ed.

Remember the woman who was made to give up the kid's seat that she had paid for so that a standby passenger could sit there? And she was made to hold her 25lb son on her lap for a 3.5 hour flight?

You might wonder why she didn't put up a fuss.

It was because she feared being beaten and dragged from the flight.

Can you say that her fear was unjustified? I sure can't.

Fly the Fiendish Skies!


B said...

So can she sue for breach of contract? She was on the flight, she had paid for the ticket. She did her part. The airline refuted the contract.

One would think that the airline had breached the contract and would be subject to damages.

Anonymous said...

This is where I get lost. If FAA regulations make you buy a seat for a child, then why not say so? Maybe, why do you want me to violate FAA regulations?

Anonymous said...

I would have to read the FAA regs to confirm it, but I believe what United did was blatantly illegal. Children have to be in a proper seat or they die in a crash and they are a danger to other passengers. A 25lb child becomes a 25lb missile caroming around the cabin in a crash. Not only will the parent be unable to hold the child in a crash, the parent is unable to assume the crash position.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the lawyers can help me here. Buying an airline ticket is a commercial contract that is expected to be FAA compliant is it not? If I then board the plane properly, is my contract still not in force?

Glenn Kelley said...

II don't fly much but I assume that the standby sat next to her for the 3.5 hours with a clear conscience .
What a ahole .


Comrade Misfit said...

Anon. 7/10/17 @ 9:48 PM:

United refunded the ticket price and gave her vouchers.

If I was the UAL CEO, I'd have refunded her the cost of both her and her son's tickets and given them two round-trip passes, first class, to anywhere UAL flies. That would have been part of a personal "rug dance" apology call to the mother.

Then the responsible station agent in Honolulu and the Chief FA would, in turn, be doing their rug dances for me. And I would presume that the usual stuff would flow downhill.

CenterPuke88 said...

As I understand it, the gate agent was the proximate cause, miscoding the kids ticket so it didn't show checked in. The FA then compounded the error. Fire the agent, demote the FA, not much left to roll downhill too. I'm astounded the pilot was notified, or that if he was he was willing to takeoff with the circle jerk going on back there.

Refunding one ticket and "gifting" small pair of vouchers was a freshman PR mistake. Given their recent record the choices were go big or go home. United should have hired some real PR experience recently, and probably a new social media team. Whomever coached the lady (if, indeed, it was coached) to say she was scared to complain cause she was Asian, is a PR genius that United should hire right away.