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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise


I'm reasonably certain that's one of the replicas. Flying one of the originals with Jumo 004 engines would seem to be rather foolish, since they had an operational TBO of maybe 25 hours.


CenterPuke88 said...

I don't know of a flyable original. I know that some sources say that Paul Allen's collection has one they are trying to restore, but I can't find a reference to it on his collection's website. They started this replica thing over at Meachum Airport in Fort Worth, made the news here for a few years.

Deadstick said...

Yeah, I remember a replica project quite a while ago -- maybe that one, maybe not. Their literature said they had so many original drawings that it was not so much a replica as a resumption of production. I think it had J85's for power.

Their test pilot claimed it flew "just like a faster Mustang".

CenterPuke88 said...

The Fort Worth project used a pylon ME-262 to take measurements and study the construction, I believe. They took it to pieces and restored it, getting the construction information they needed that way.

Mark Rossmore said...

That's definitely a replica. There are no flyable originals in existence. The ME262 Project built one single seater, two dual-seaters, and two "convertible" aircraft. They do use J85s for power, installed inside castings of the original Jump engines.

Here's the project's FAQ page: http://www.stormbirds.com/project/general/FAQ.htm#q7