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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Bitter Dead-Enders of Y'all Qaeda

Still hanging in there:
As the anti-government standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge entered its 30th day, the remaining occupiers claimed many of their phone lines no longer worked.

The four holdouts awoke to discover that many lost phone and Internet service overnight, according to [Some Other Jerkoff], a Nevada [fellow-traveler] who said he had been in contact with the armed protesters. They have refused to leave the refuge until they are guaranteed they won't be arrested.
Right. "We've take over a Fed'rul building for a month, we got guns, and we're only gonna leave if you don't arrest us."-- Let me know how that works out for you guys.

Peaceful protest is usually protected b the First Amendment. Civil disobedience is not. And certainly not armed criminal activity. These clowns are no more "legitimate protesters" than were the Weathermen who were robbing banks.* Breaking the law can get you jail time.

Y'all Qaeda's new motto: "Give us immunity or give us death."

*The difference between the Weathermen and Y'all Qaeda is the Weathermen didn't just run their mouths.


Murphy's Law said...

Heh. I just posted pretty much the same thing. What does it mean when we agree politically?

Comrade Misfit said...

I missed the anti-government irony of getting a Federal public defender, though.

What it means, though, is that the misdoings of Vanilla Isis isn't really a political issue.

Mike R said...

How would you like to represent these buffoons in front of a judge?

Comrade Misfit said...

Mike, I'd rather not, but for the right amount of money, sure, why the hell not.

("Right amount"= "a frigging boatload". And I don't do criminal law.)

Murphy's Law said...

As a former AUSA, I could handle their defense. It'd be a few motions to suppress which we'd probably lose but it'd be enough due diligence to keep me from getting hit with an "ineffective assistance of counsel" sanction when they went down. Then it'd be a few rounds of plea bargains, or "let's make a deal". Easy Peasy. Absent some sort of LE or prosecutor misconduct or a whack sneaking onto the jury, you're pretty much not winning this one.