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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A New Definition of "Federal Overreach": Having to Give Back Free Shit, Po-Po Ed.

That's the complaint from local cops who are bristling at the Feds taking back military equipment that was loaned to them. To them, "Federal overreach" is when the military wants its gear back. Because local cops have a need for heavy machineguns and shit.

The whining goes right down to complaining that the Feds are taking back bayonets that are "used to cut through seat belts"... because, what, the cops can't afford to buy knives from the local Wal-Mart?

I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that a lot of the same officials who are bristling about having to give back their military toys are people who have applauded every attempt to make the lives of poor people even harder and meaner. Because Federal benefits are evil, unless one's own ox is being gored.

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Snowdog said...

I have a seat belt cutter on my car keys, cost less than 10 bucks on Amazon. lot handier than a bayonet, especially if the seat belt that needs cutting is mine.