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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"It's a Dirty Trick to Arrest People Who Are Committing Felonies!"-- Militia Fine Whines Ed.

That's the line from one of the self-styled "militiamen" in Oregon, following the arrest of a bunch of them (and the shooting of two of them).

Interesting world that clown lives in. Who does he think he is, Richard Nixon?

More to the point: At least in a moral sense, the Feds brought this on themselves. They didn't bring any charges against the militia assholes following the `14 standoff in Nevada. That probably gave the militants the idea that they could break Federal and state laws with impunity.

Bundy Père said, of the Feds arresting his sons for committing felonies: "We are tired of the abuse." If Bundy and his clan aren't the poster children for "white privilege", then they are among the top runners-up for the job.

The remaining Y'all Qaeda clown are vowing to die. They should follow the example of Yukio Mishima.


BadTux said...

Suicide by FBI Agent is still suicide. What does their Bible say about suicide, again? Oh yeah, it views it as self-murder, and thus a violation of the 10 Commandments. Hmm.

But if they're intent on suicide, we should give them what they want. I know Ike wouldn't have put up with any of this, he would have called out the 101st Airborne the moment that the Bundy clan started pointing guns at Federal agents back in 2014...

D. said...

"They should follow the example of Yukio Mishima."

What, doing it themselves? They haven't the stones. Or the ovaries.