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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wounded Warrior Project = Sleazeballs?

Apparently so. They consider fundraising and advertising to be programs that assist veterans.
Wounded Warrior Project says 80 percent of their money is spent on programs for veterans. That's because they include some promotional items, direct response advertising, and shipping and postage costs. Take that out, and the figures look more like what charity watchdogs say -- that only 54 to 60 percent of donations go to help wounded service members.

They're also sitting on a quarter of a billion dollars in cash. Which seems a bit odd. If you've ever worked with a charity, it seems really odd.

Anywho, where are the conservative leaders expressing umbrage over this? If they were government workers engaging in lavish travel and parties, the outrage would be volcanic.

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Marc said...

This is how the 'free market' works, according to them. Now that donors know where the 'charity' prioritizes its donation spending, they can make rational decisions about donating elsewhere. Or not.

ShortWoman said...

I always thought it was odd the amount of money they had for extra-long commercials using big-name celebrities. Always wondered if they could have done a commercial half as long and helped a few vets with the balance. But hey, I'm not a charity administrator.