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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yeah, The Flag of Treason's Coming Down

It's not helping the cause of the "but it was a Noble Cause"* people when these folks show up in support:
The Ku Klux Klan has been approved to hold a protest rally at the [South Carolina} Statehouse next month against removing the Confederate battle flag, with the group calling accused mass murderer Dylann Roof a “young warrior.”
It'd probably be only more toxic if a bunch of Nazis showed up. Not that there's been much difference between the two groups.**

Maybe less if Mel Gibson showed up. But not by much.
* To fight to keep slaves.
** Other than who they hate.

1 comment:

BadTux said...

Actually, the Klan hates Jews too. And the Nazis hate blacks too. They just had a shortage of Jews and a surplus of blacks to persecute in the South, just as the Nazis had a shortage of blacks and a surplus of Jews to persecute in Europe.

So yeah, Nazi flag, KKK flag, all peas in the same pod.