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Monday, June 29, 2015

Shorter Comcast: "Any Way We Can Fuck You, We Will."

Comcast has been offering its standard customers a "free upgrade" to its X1 service for those who use its standard service.

But you know that Comcast is expert at fucking over its customers, right? This is how they do it: Their standard customers have a Comcast-supplied DVR that is pretty much a ten-year-old piece of shit. They break down frequently and Comcast's remedy is to give people another "refurbished" DVR. But even though they're POSs, when they work, they record up to two shows at a time.

The box that Comcast is giving out as part of its X1 promotion records nothing at all. If you want a box that'll record stuff, then you're going to pay more. So Comcast's "free upgrade", in practical effect, is a lesser amount of service because, ever since the first VCRs went on sale, people have gotten away from appointment television. Comcast wants you to go back to that and if you would rather record and watch later, this "free upgrade" to X1 service will cost you even more.

The CATV companies had best get a clue. They're making it more and more advantageous to people to go with watching their shows over the Internet.

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Marc said...

The harder it is for folks to enjoy stuff legally (music, ebooks, TV, computer software), the more they will pirate it. DRM and other schemes have tended to be a shot in the foot for those who deployed them. Not to mention getting great PR for adding root kits to PC's. If it is faster (and seemingly after) to pirate, folks will get their fix that way.