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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dear Caitlyn Jenner: Your Political Party Hates You

Back when Bruce Jenner gave his interview to Diane Sawyer, he said that he was a conservative Republican.

Now that Jenner has transitioned to being Caitlyn, here's a real shocker: Her political soulmates are no more tolerant of her than they are of any other minority. In fact, they deliberately mocked her and tried to score cheap laughs about her.

In other words, Caitlyn, your political allies just shived you in the back and had a good chuckle about it.

You might want to rethink who your friends are, dear.


Deadstick said...

Yeah, Huckajesus did it too.


B said...

Fox isn't the Republicans any more than Jesse Jackson speaks for the Democrats.

Having said that, Bruce/Caitlin Jenner is a joke.

But I really couldn't care less what he/she/whatever does....Couldn't care less if I were twins.

If she/he can pay for the conversion (and not expect the State to do it), then more power to him/her. None of my business. I really don't care.

I think you'll find most Conservatives to feel the same way.

Comrade Misfit said...

Pretty goddamn intolerant of "conservatives", what with the "him/her" or the "he-she" line.

Why is it so hard to use the feminine pronoun for Caitlyn Jenner? Why go across the (figurative) street to be hateful and offensive?

Why is it any skin off of your nose?

bearsense said...

Say it again. Over and over.

Wraith said...

Why is it so hard to use the feminine pronoun for Caitlyn Jenner?

Because HE is a MAN. No matter how much he mutilates and deludes himself, he is never going to shed that Y chromosome. You aren't what you think you are, you are what you are. Reality is not dependent upon one's own point of view.

As a pilot and a gunnie, you should understand this. Reality doesn't care if you 'think' you're shooting at an intruder, the bullet's going to land wherever you put it, whether it's a legit scumbag or someone who's a bit high and walked up the wrong driveway. Reality doesn't care if you 'think' you compensated for that crosswind correctly--you did or you didn't.

You're a lesbian. You're a woman who is attracted to other women. No problem there--no matter whether others may approve of that or not, it's still within the realm of reality. But one gender cannot 'transition' into another. There's all that pesky DNA stuff in the way.

I'm not a psychologist(though Mrs. Wraith is well on her way to being one), and therefore I'm not even equipped to diagnose the disorders happening in Mr. Jenner's head. But I'm pretty certain that the correct treatment for a man who thinks he's a daisy, is NOT to put him in a pot of dirt and pour water on him twice a day.

Reality is simply not subjective, despite the attempts of many to make it so. Hence our refusal to play along with the delusions of people who are clearly mentally ill.

Comrade Misfit said...

So, to take your analogy, if you take out the Continental engine that came with a Beech Bonanza and install a Pratt PT-6, you should fuel the airplane with 100LL, because that's how it came from the factory?

Do you feel the same way about the use of cosmetics? Or surgery for almost any condition? The reality of things was that Dick Cheney had a bad heart, should he have just sucked it up and died? Or was it permissible to have a transplant?

Yes, I am a pilot. I've been a mariner. And I know this: Reality changes. The weather that I anticipated isn't the weather that I may find. The avionics in my airplane aren't the ones that it originally had. You can convert a nosewheel airplane into a taildragger or vice versa. The QE2 began her service as a steamship and ended as a motor vessel.

And as for Caitlyn being mentally ill, that's your opinion. Gay people used to be regarded as mentally ill; the treatments that were inflicted on gay people in the past are now regarded as barbarous.

Which brings me back to my point, which you so beautifully illustrated: Conservatives seem to relish in their intolerance of people who are different from them.

CenterPuke88 said...

Just wondering how Wraith got a DNA sample from Caitlyn to determine she has a XY chromosome pair. It's entirely possible that she might be a XXY, and in that case, she isn't a "man" (as defined by a XY pair) as Wraith asserts. Just sayin'.

Nangleator said...

Wraith, Caitlyn isn't choosing to change her DNA. She's choosing how society treats her gender. You want to change society so it's blind to gender, go right a-fucking-head!

Caitlyn's doing it because she *couldn't* choose how she felt inside about her situation.

Comrade Misfit said...

I used too broad a brush. I know a fair number of conservatives who have no problem with transgendered people.

To them, I apologize.

S O said...

I think those who think they can change from man to woman or woman to man are deluding themselves (unless they were some of the rare 'difficult to tell the sex' newborns whose gynaecologists guessed the sex wrong at birth for lack of DNA tests).

There's usually no benefit in rubbing it under their nose, though.

On the other hand, getting news about other people's delusions with journos supposedly buying into that delusion as well are annoying. So it's not necessary and no good idea to publish that much about those few trans people.

Comrade Misfit said...

There are a lot more trnsfolk than you might suspect. The vast majority live quiet lives and try to stay out of the pinlic eye.

ShortWoman said...

Jon Stewart had some insightful stuff to say about media coverage of Ms Jenner's debut. They boil down to "Yeah, the media didn't take too long to start treating her like a woman," judging her by her appearance, using sexual innuendo, and pointing out her age.

Murphy's Law said...

I accept your apology and I wish Caitlyn well. However I suspect that there are those on the political Left who are as critical of Ms. jenner as is anyone on Fox News.

Comrade Misfit said...

Murphy, if there are any on the political Left who are critical of Ms. Jenner, they likely have the good sense to shut up about it. Inclusion is the order of the day, according to my copy of the agenda.


Capt. Craig said...

To compare changing weather with trying to change ones sex is an argumentum ad absurdum. You are allowing your ideology to override your ability to use a rational argument.Do you think http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/becoming-disabled-by-choice-not-chance-transabled-people-feel-like-impostors-in-their-fully-working-bodies people have a mental problem? If you do then you have to conclude that Bruce does too. If you don't then the Egyptian river analogy is in play.

Comrade Misfit said...

I would submit that the psychiatric community, which no longer classifies being transgendered per se as a mental illness, probably knows a hell of a lot more about such things than you do, Capt. Craig.

Wraith said...

Yes, I am a pilot. I've been a mariner. And I know this: Reality changes.

No, it doesn't...

The weather that I anticipated isn't the weather that I may find.

The weather is reality, whether you anticipated it correctly or not. Your anticipation of a certain type of weather does not make it happen.

The avionics in my airplane aren't the ones that it originally had. You can convert a nosewheel airplane into a taildragger or vice versa. The QE2 began her service as a steamship and ended as a motor vessel.

First off, the airplanes are still airplanes, and the QE2 is still a boat. Secondly, human beings are not machines. Heart transplants and other surgeries are to restore your health and make your body work the way it was designed to. Chopping off your junk is definitely NOT making your body work as designed. Quite, in fact, the opposite.

Mr. Jenner is attempting to deny reality, and it's insane that so many people are helping him justify his delusion. A castrated and mutilated man is still not a woman. And as I alluded to previously, there's a difference between having a non-standard sexual attraction and attempting to become something you clearly are NOT.

Even folks on your side agree on some level. Witness the policy of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival of excluding all but "womyn-born womyn." Why? If you really are 'transgendered' and now are in the 'correct' body, weren't you always a woman? (Womyn? Wimmin? Whatever.) So why should you be denied entry? Because even these far-left women recognize that you can only truly be a woman or a man if you were born as such.

Look, Bruce Jenner can do what he likes, surgically alter his body into whatever form he chooses...that's his thing. It's a free country(at least in theory these days). It doesn't affect my life any. But although he has the right to be crazy, he has no right to compel anyone else to participate in his insanity.

He's a man. That's not 'intolerance' 'hate' or whatever imaginary 'phobia' you might want to call it. It's the truth. You can glue wings on a cat, but it's still not going to fly.

Capt. Craig said...

You didn't answer my question but I'll retort to your comment thus:
and, the truth will set you free:)

Comrade Misfit said...

Craig, you've got a lot of damned gall to cite Fox News as an authoritative source to me.

I got curious to see how many states agree with you (Wraith, Craig and SO) that the gender you're born with is immutable.

Care to guess the number of jurisdictions out of the fifty states and D.C.?

Four. Only four. And surprisingly, none of them are in the Old South. Yes, that's right, every Confederate state disagrees with you guys.

The states: Idaho, Kansas, Ohio and Tennessee.

Having said that, this discussion is reached the region of pointlessness. I'm not going to convince you to change your minds and you're sure the fuck not going to convince me.

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