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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Snake Oil Alert; Ammunition Edition

"Inceptor"-- because nobody can spell.

"Hydraulic ram effect"..... ayup.

There us a little-spoken thing about ballistic get testing: Skin doesn't act like gel. As this presentation describes, skin is equivalent to 4" of gel. So a bullet that does most of its damage in the first six inches won't probably do what you need it to do, unless you happen to hit the liver.

Look at a diagram of the human body-- as an opponent faces you, the things that you need to hit often are towards the rear of the body, where they are somewhat protected by the spine. Hydraulic damage isn't probably going to help much if you shoot someone in the lungs, for obvious reasons.

And what happens, pray tell, if you fire those fancy bullets out of a 1911? A fair number of them have left-hand twist barrels, which will turn those fancy-ass hydro-bullets the wrong way.


mikey said...

An old rangemaster I knew growing up used to always say "the only thing a handgun is for is fighting your way to your rifle"...

Chris Sutch said...

Looks similar in concept to the Lehigh XP

ShootingTheBull410 did some Gel-Testing of them in .380

Which, there might be something to them in .380 -they seem to do more damage, even deep in the Gel block. - In 9mm I seem to recall that they grossly over penetrate - although I can't find that at this point.

BadTux said...

I don't think it makes much difference, if any, what you fire out of a 1911. Whoever you hit is gonna have a major hurtin' goin' on.