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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Internal Passport Control

Does it seem to anyone else that, more and more, the TSA "screeners" are resembling the East German border guards from Top Secret? Are they using a clip from that movie as a training film?

Update: Take a close look at the officer's pistol.


Anonymous said...

The whole surveillance state looks more and more like the East-German Stazi everyday.

The motto of the Stazi was (essentially) "Know everything, then you can control anyone."

The CIA/NSA/FBI/EIEIO seem determined to exceed anything that the Soviet Union could even dream about.

Welcome to the Panoptican.

S O said...

Wow, that clip was bad.

The German wasn't really German.
The guns, uniforms, gestures and steel helmets were clearly pre-1946, not even close to what the DDR used.

Snowdog said...

Well of course the uniforms and everything were wrong-it's a spy movie from the people who brought you Airplane. That said-those guys in the clip, were more professional than the last TSA I encountered

Comrade Misfit said...

SO, you do realize that Top Secret was a comedy? It was the spy movie equivalent of Airplane!

Snowdog said...

yep. it was horribly awesome. And now I've got 'Skeet Surfing' stuck in my head.

Deadstick said...

Too bad it didn't include the vibrating fist: that might have served as a clue...;-)