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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shorter Archbishop Mueller: "Criticizing the Catholic Church is the Same as Murdering Jews."

You think that is an exaggeration and a violation of Godwins Law? Au contraire, Pierre:
BERLIN (AP) -- The Vatican's head of doctrine says critics in North America and Europe are conducting a "concerted campaign" to discredit the Catholic Church that is resulting in open attacks against priests.

In an interview published Saturday by Germany newspaper Die Welt, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller likened the sentiment directed toward the Church to that of the pogroms against Jews in Europe.
If there is any group in the world that should be forever barred from comparing their trials and tribulations to the Jews, the Roman Catholic Church is pretty damn high on the list. And this was not just some a high-level church official, mind you. This clown is a German archbishop who holds the very same office that ramrodded the persecution of Jews (and a shitload of other people) during the Inquisition.

My reaction to that should be obvious to regular readers.

The Catholic Church has been a global conniver in child abuse and conditions of exploitation that reached the level of torture. Since the global scandals broke, the Church has been furiously engaged in a rear-guard action to ensure that the details of what their priests did was kept quiet. For decade after decade, the concern of the Church was not that children were being raped, no, they wanted to keep it all quiet.

Calling them out on that is akin to a pogrom? Really?

In case you don't know this: An old-style European pogrom was when the locals got liquored up, often around Easter, and then went looking for Jewish men to kill and Jewish women to rape. Jewish-owned businesses tended to go up in flames, as did synagogues and the houses and barns owned by Jews.

Gentle Reader, what we have here is the equivalent of the Klan's Grand Kleagle complaining that life hasn't been much fun since the law cracked down on their night-time frivolities of cross-burning and lynching. This pronouncement of Archbishop Mueller deserves to be mocked far and wide.


Old NFO said...

Yep, interesting little comment, especially coming from 'him'...

Charles Pergiel said...

You and Stu (shaking my head), always picking on the poor little Catholic church. [end sarcasm]

Deadstick said...

"Engaged in a rear-guard action"

Some of his parishioners could have used one of those...

sdean7855 said...

But then :) papal infallibility is a lotta bull :)

Particularly given that Benedict was, previously to his elevation, the officer of the Holy Mother Church upon whose desk all reports of priest pedophilia ended up. He knew of it all.