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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Joy of Being at a Resort That Can Both Catch Fire and Sink!

Passengers stranded on a cruise ship adrift in the Gulf of Mexico say they must stand in long lines to use working bathrooms and to get hot meals.

The messages from passengers on the Carnival Triumph, drifting in the Gulf of Mexico after an engine fire Sunday, came from text messages sent to family and friends. No one was injured in the fire but it left the ship without propulsion.

Miami-based Carnival Cruise Line said some of the public and cabin toilets are not operating and only limited power is available to run elevators and heat food.
If you go to a resort hotel and they lose power or have a fire, you can take a cab to either another hotel or to the airport and fly home. Hard to do from a ship.

They can't just bring another ship alongside and transfer people. Transferring people from one ship to another at sea is so risky that even the Navy doesn't like to do it.


Nangleator said...

Ah... Carnival. I think back to the days of Katrina, and how Carnival soaked the American taxpayer by offering temporary housing to flood victims and jacking up room rates to higher than normal.

I'd love to see the whole company at the bottom of the ocean.

w3ski said...

I got to stand on the deck of the Missouri, once.
Now that is my kind of 'Cruise Ship'. I know the food wasn't as good but they never left you stuck in the water either.
They could Fix shit when it broke.

D. said...

Maybe a couple of tugboats could shepherd the Triumph to a port somewhere.

signed, Proud Landlubber who gets visions of the Titanic on ferryboats.

CenterPuke88 said...

The tugs are towing the Triumph to Mobile right now.

Comrade, I' m assuming that shuttling to shore only works with the ship anchored? Otherwise, I'm assuming Carnival would have absorbed the cost of running another boat out there to take the people off to avoid the PR disaster that's brewing. They're just one death from this mess away from a huge fiasco.

I know they don't have a spare boat, but I figure you suck up cancelling a cruise and making it up to the irate passengers as a cost of business to avoid what is happening now. It's a death by a thousand cuts in the media, and when the boat makes it to Mobile the pictures and stories that come out will make it a buyers market for cruises for another 6 months or so.

2-1 odds on a name change for the "Triumph".

Eck! said...

Sounds like they need to have some trained and ready DC peoplewith reapir lockers for them.

Carnival does have a running history of fires, disease, and other disasters.

Tramping on a cargo boat sounds more appealing.