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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Achmed bin Hiding Changes Location?

I don't know crap about what I am about to write, nor have I read anything about it.

But it seems to me that one of the consequences of the Drone War will be to push the enemy into hiding out in urban areas.

The primary weapon of the Drone War is the Hellfire missile. Hellfires were designed as a standoff antitank weapon, with a dual-blast warhead that was designed to defeat reactive armor. The warhead itself has about 18-20lbs of explosives. Some of the brighter minds in Ft. Fumble have realized that an antitank warhead isn't exactly optimal against unarmored targets, so other versions have been designed. The frequency of their usage is kind of arguable.

Still, the missile is essentially delivering a 20lb satchel charge. A 20lb satchel charge has the potential to collapse a smallish building. In a large building, it will likely do lethal damage to rooms around the target.

So Achmed moves into an apartment building. His apartment gets hit by a missile. Achmed is killed and the apartments around his are destroyed. Several families are killed, maybe a few survivors. Likely none of them knew that Achmed was a terrorist. It's not as though they were living next to a ball-bearing plant. And their country isn't at war with anyone.

How do you think the survivors of those families, hell, everyone else in the neighborhood are going to react? Who do you think they will blame? We should have some idea, for after all, we've some experience with that.


D. said...


*clutches head*

Nangleator said...

I'll make a prediction about drones. Follow my logic:

1. This technology, like all others, won't be exclusive to any one country for long.
2. We will be attacked by terrorist drones.
6. The first official reaction to these attacks will be a cover-up enacted by local law enforcement, who will presume one of their own has malfunctioned.

This will happen because:

3. Law enforcement drones will regularly kill innocent civilians.
4. Law enforcement investigations into these accidents will exonerate law enforcement officers, in each and every case.
5. Law enforcement officers will fight tooth and nail to keep this capability, no matter the cost to citizens.

Eck! said...

Sounds like the copseye corp is real.

Foo on that.


montag said...

The legal doctrine of Guilt By Proximity may need a little tweaking but its here to stay.

Old NFO said...

I believe all three of the previous commenters are cumulatively correct...