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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tombstone Courage

I know that there are a lot of people who are linking to the modern confessions of a GOP operative, who is proclaiming far and wide that his party only serves the rich and they don't give a fuck about the general well-being of this country.

It takes a certain lack of moral courage, I suppose, to take the shillings of a political party for thirty years, retire*, and then upon retiring, throw open the curtain of the machine that the same person spent thirty years feeding and nurturing.

Beyond that, is he saying anything that we don't already know? I think not:
  • The Republicans only seek to serve the interests of their rich donors.
  • The Republican party is full of fundamentalist/chickenhawk crackpots.
  • The Republicans would eagerly ruin this country as an economic/military power if there was a perceived benefit to the rich in doing so. And they do see a benefit to the rich and the corporations in destroying the government.
  • The Democrats are too spineless to call out the Republicans' willful destruction of this country.
  • The national news media is too craven to point any of this out.
Crimus, 95% of the blogs in the "politics and shit" section of my blogroll routinely discuss all of the above points. Most of the economic blogs I link to also discuss it. It's not like any of this is news for anyone who has been paying attention.

So excuse me if I don't join the "Mike Lofgren Cheering Society".

* Presumably with an intact pension.


Suz said...

Ever so true. And the word "Democrat" could be substituted for "Republican."

Charles Pergiel said...

"low-information voters". Now there's an interesting term.

Can anything be done? Or are we all literally going to hell?