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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Highway Robbery By the Boys in Blue

The cops are concentrating on interrupting the flow of money back up the supply chain. They are focusing on stopping the cash because they get to keep the money seized, which they can use for their departments and agencies.

There is no profit to the cops in stopping the drugs themselves, so they let them go sailing on by. One might reasonably suppose that the cops want enough drugs to get through to keep the money flowing to them.

If you were to go out and rob someone who had a lot of cash, that would be a crime. When the cops do it, it's "civil forfeiture". If a crime was being committed, there would be arrests. But the cops just take money and let the drivers go, because if they prosecuted them, the cops would have to prove that a crime was being committed. This way, the rightful owner of the cash has to sue to get the money back.

It's funny, in a way, how the cops get around that pesky 4th Amendment. It's pretty sad, though, that the cops and the courts are more than willing to gut the 4th Amendment when there is money in it for them.



Oldfool said...

If you have over a hundred dollars in cash you are obviously a drug dealer.
If you can prove that those ill-gotten funds are yours and and that you worked at a legitimate job for them you'll get it back. It goes something like this, You are thrown off a cliff, if you don't fly to save yourself you are not a witch. If you fly you are guilty but either way you don't get your money, car, boat or airplane back.

Nangleator said...

Plainly, it's becoming illegal to own money, and the fine is exactly how much you have on you.

I wonder how long before police will fine you for having credit? Or bank accounts? Of course, they'll need a machine in each car to swipe cards. And some means of convincing citizens to confess their PIN numbers... Of course, torture will be legal soon, so I guess that's not a problem.

I guess cops don't seem to care that their profession is becoming more unsavory than a scat-porn actor's. They are already morally inferior to whores and pimps.