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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Spineless Body of Government

That would be the United States Senate.

The Democrats are letting Traitor Joe keep his committee chairmanship while the Republicans are not going to expel convicted felon Stevens.

The Democrats have no spine, the Republicans have no integrity.

UPDATE: Blue Girl to Senate Democrats-- Go fuck yourselves. And your horses.

The Senate Democrats managed to set the land speed record for fucking over the people who donated cash and campaigned to elect them to the Senate: It took them all of seven days to yell a hearty "go blow yourselves" to the people who worked to turn the Senate from 49-49-2 to 55-40-2 (three seats are still up for grabs).

1 comment:

Ralph Radon said...

On the bright side, those three seats are down to two. Stevens is history.