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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dodging the White Fluffy Things

What was a severe clear VFR day and was forecast to pretty much stay so didn't, at least for a few hours. I was flying along at 5,500', which in this area is pretty much above the airplanes out for farkling flights and usually below the really serious travelers in their Bonanzas, Mooneys and bigger Cessnas. There was a solid layer of low cumulus clouds further north and it was starting to edge south. To avoid dodging the scattered ones at the edge as I descended towards my destination, I deviated a little bit south.

Some poor dude in a trainer was doing a solo cross-country into my destination and he was a little but unclear on the concept of operations at a controlled field. He'll learn.

I managed to do the landing so that I arrived right over the threshold with almost no energy, I flared and the airplane just went "plop" right onto the runway, almost textbook. There was a bit of a wind, so the ground roll was maybe 800' or so.

I took a few photos inflight that, on the teensy tiny LCD screen may be useful. If they check out when I upload them to my computer tomorrow, I'll post them.

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