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Friday, April 19, 2024

Mike Johnson May Have Decided Which Side of History He's On

And he may have chosen the side of not appeasing either the Russians or the Batshit-Putin Caucus in the House.

With rare bipartisan momentum, the House pushed ahead Friday on a foreign aid package of $95 billion for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and humanitarian support as a robust coalition of lawmakers helped it clear a procedural hurdle to reach final votes this weekend. Friday’s vote produced a seldom-seen outcome in the typically hyper-partisan House, with Democrats helping Republican Speaker Mike Johnson’s plan advance overwhelmingly 316-94. Final House approval could come this weekend, when the package would be sent to the Senate.
“Ukrainians desperately need lethal aid right now. ... We cannot allow Vladimir Putin to roll through another country and take it,” Johnson told the conservative host of The Mark Levin Show about the Russian president’s invasion of Ukraine. “These are very serious matters with global implications.”

That, of course, does not make Moscow Marjorie Traitor Greene and the rest of her Putinite Useful Idiots in the Caucus of Appeasers happy. So they'll try to kick Johnson out of the Speaker's chair, which may fail as Democrats could help him out. What that'll do to his re-election chances are a different question. But Johnson may have decided that some things are more important that political survival. If so, then he's a rare breed in the job.

But we shall see.


Sixbears said...

Hard to believe that we are relieved when a GOP leader does what's right instead of what's political. It's a low bar but too many fail even that.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

I'm still rather unhappy with how the Biden administration has slow rolled Ukraine on certain advance weaponry. F-16's last year would have made a difference and would have the current glide bomb attacks. I hear that Russia is importing gas from Belarus due to drone attacks...

JustMusing said...

MTG now has a challenger for her seat:

"Shawn Harris, a cattleman in Northwest Georgia who served in the military for 40 years and retired as a U.S. Army brigadier general...."

"Harris said, “This race right now is in a situation where the district’s Democrats, Republicans, and independents are actually now truly looking at Marjorie Taylor Greene and saying, ‘she has been up there for three and a half years. What has she actually done for the district?"

MTG has an empty red hat, Harris has the cattle.

MarkS said...

I'm honestly surprised that he did it. Whatever the motive, he deserves credit for displaying a vestigial spine. I doubt he'll inspire any of his compatriots to do likewise.

Grey Wolf said...

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar has joined Green in the effort to boot Johnson.
Those who do not live in Arizona probably don't know that six of Gosar's nine siblings urged us not to vote for him.