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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

"Renewal by Anderson" Can Go Eat a Bag of Richards

I am just irritated by their fake news-interview commercials. I don't know who those cocksuckers think they're fooling.


DTWND said...

My dad built custom homes and people always asked about Anderson windows. Back in the 70's, Anderson windows were well made but expensive. Not sure when the decline started, but the quality of the windows has gone down but they have stayed expensive.


Eck! said...

Same here on Anderson quality. 30 years ago we had them here to
bid and what they offers was stupid expensive and construction
didn't look good. That and there were a lot of other players
that offered custom sized windows that were better and less
obscene with their prices.

I get their crap and mailing nearly every day, recycle bin.


Ten Bears said...

When they stopped making them out of wood.

This is a great example of the law of unintended consequence: molding-stock is getting harder to find. I worked a couple of winters in a molding mill back in the eighties, the forerunner of what became JenWeld windows, where the molding stock was sourced from a raw lumber mill across town. Everything was wood back then but when the raw-mill shut down the molding mills were forced to switch from building wood door and window frames and hardware to wood-core / plastic coated windows and doors (in not necessarily a bad engineering move). Mills are importing more expensive, lesser quality molding-stock coupled with the price of plastic and exponential demand and even Pella have become crap

They were warned, but nobody listens ...

[don't get me started on all these plastic fences, though I do get a laugh out of people installing them without any framing and expecting them to stand the first time a good, stiff breeze blows in off the bay]

DGC said...

There are quite a few plastic fences around town. They're almost all busted to hell because they're no match for the snow and ice the snowplows kick up. They also look like nothing other than a tacky plastic fence.