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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Christian Bigots Never Think It'll Be Their Kids

Until it is their kids. One dad who bought into the Christianist hatred of LGBTQ changed his tune when it was his kid who was transgendered.

Good for him for getting past the crap that was taught to him by his hate-based church and letting his love for his child take over. Other members of the Church of Southern Slavers would have kicked the kid out of the house.


w3ski said...

I'm not a xristian crazy by any means, even tho in my 20s my ex and I were part of a Christian commune. My Grandson came out as Transgender at 20-something, after being married and having 2 kids. I am all for him being happy but sorry for the family he left behind. The problem is that now that he has come out he has become a bum. Lost a good job due to his attendance, lost a series of apartments, shuns family help, and has become an unhoused person too. I don't mind him being gay, but I do mind him wasting away. Did it have to run together?

Eck! said...

Long but in depth debunking of a religious experts lies.

Its part of the how and why people have the insane ideas, least
on one topic.


Eck! said...

It does not have to run together. That said I've seen
what happens to LGBTQ people rejected or worse growing
up with expectation of rejection knowing their families
and friends views. Married with kids I guess that got
messy and maybe no shortage anger and vitriol. I can
only hope I'm guessing wrong.

Also sometimes life skills are missing, coping mechanisms
are undeveloped and drugs and alcohol become the real evil.
Depression becomes real. That's when true support becomes
important. Its never simple.

The story pointed to for that dad may have avoided that.
Love and support wins, the hard work. That to my knowledge
is not always the case.

The one I posted addresses the myths and misinformation
propagated by many of the religious leaders. The short
form is they claim to be doing the good needed to avoid
harm and doing it the way they do, causes harm.


w3ski said...

Thanks, Eck

Grey Wolf said...

Thank you for posting this. Incredibly moving. Almost, in a sense, like seeing it from the inside as opposed to reading some detached description.