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Friday, April 12, 2024

New Pithtols?

Taurus now has a line of hammer-fired, DA/SA, polymer-framed pistols called the "TH" line. Think HK USPc for less than half the price.

I haven't had a Taurus since I bought a 605 a quarter-century ago. It was not a fancy gun, one that if it got a little rust on it, I just wiped it off and drove on. In the mid-'00s, Taurus earned a reputation of being terrible for both quality and customer service. I knew two gun shops that stopped carrying their guns because too many customers were not happy. (One sold Hi-Points, which may give you an idea of how bad things were for Taurus.) Taurus sold some guns that were eminently mockable (View, Curve).

Taurus has been trying to change things and I wish them luck with that. But when it comes to jumping on gun bandwagons, I'm a trailing-edge type.


Spud said...

I'll stay with my DA/SA Sig 220 Elite. Yeah it's all stainless and heavy too. That weight sure is nice for recoil and a steady shooter tho.

Comrade Misfit said...

Nothing wrong with that choice, Spud.