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Monday, April 15, 2024

Dumb Fuckers, Stupid Assholes and Fascist Douchebags

Israel’s top general has said the country will respond to Iran’s missile and drone attack, but it remains unclear what form that response will take and whether it will be so forceful that it could tip a worsening spiral of violence into a full-scale regional war.

The Israelis are a bunch of dumb fuckers if they do. They attacked Iran's territory (bombing a consulate). Iran struck back with a large and ineffective missile and drone attack. A smart person would leave it there. But nobody has accused Bibi recently of being smart.

And now, to the stupid assholes:

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators blocked roadways in Illinois, California, New York and the Pacific Northwest on Monday, temporarily shutting down travel into some of the nation’s most heavily used airports, onto the Golden Gate and Brooklyn bridges and on a busy West Coast highway.

Here is a lesson: When you engage in a protest that inconveniences lots of people (making them late for work, miss their flights), those people are not going to ruminate about or consider the cause you espouse. No, they are going to judge you to be the asshole of the day. You will end the event by making more enemies to your cause than you won over.

You feel that strongly about it? Go to Lebanon and sign up for Hamas. See what that gets you.


Oh, and by the way, I make this pledge: If Republicans continue to block military aid to Ukraine, I will not vote for any Republican whatsoever for any office, from town council on up. Never, ever. They supported Hitler in the 1940s and they support Putin now. Fuck them all.

1 comment:

JustMusing said...

My wife and I scrutinize every prospective candidate on our ballots for party affiliation or political leanings. Many times their claims are tripped up on social media and outed. If there's no other choice than a Republican, then the most moderate, if somewhat acceptable, will get the vote otherwise it goes to a write in.

Sometimes, just sometimes, we can and do keep a nut bag from gaining a seat and creating havoc. A one vote difference can matter.

I agree that blocking roads to make one's point is pretty pathetic and does nothing to support one's cause. But then neither does shooting or bombing or Jan 6th.