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Saturday, April 20, 2024

If You Want To Send Moscow Marjorie Traitor Greene a Gift

May I suggest Russian for Dummies?

Her mailing address is P.O. Box 829 Dalton, GA 30722.

There are 111 other Putinites who could also use a copy: .

Alford Allen Amodei Armstrong Arrington Babin Baird Balderson Banks Bean (FL) Bergman Biggs Bilirakis Bishop (NC) Boebert Bost Brecheen Burchett Burlison Cammack Carl Cline Cloud Clyde Collins Comer Crane Crawford Davidson De La Cruz DesJarlais Donalds Duncan Estes Ezell Fallon Finstad Fischbach Fitzgerald Franklin, Scott Fry Fulcher Gaetz Good (VA) Gooden (TX) Gosar Graves (LA) Green (TN) Greene (GA) Grothman Guest Hageman Harris Harshbarger Hern Higgins (LA) Huizenga Jackson (TX) Jordan Joyce (PA) Kelly (MS) LaMalfa Langworthy Lee (FL) Lesko Letlow Loudermilk Luna Luttrell Mace Malliotakis Maloy Mann Massie Mast McClain Miller (IL) Mills Moolenaar Moore (AL) Nehls Norman Obernolte Ogles Owens Palmer Perry Pfluger Posey Rose Rosendale Roy Self Smith (MO) Spartz Stauber Stefanik Steil Steube Strong Tenney Tiffany Timmons Van Drew Van Duyne Van Orden Walberg Waltz Weber (TX) Webster (FL) Williams (TX) Zinke

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