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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Putin's Useful Idiots in the Senate

Update: The bill is now law. The taps are opening.

McConnell had some harsh words for those "poo-flinging chaos monkeys":

“The holiday from history is over,” McConnell said on the Senate floor before the vote. “Will the Senate indulge the fantasy of pulling up a drawbridge? Will we persist in the 21st century with an approach that failed in the 20th? Or will we dispense with the myths of isolationism and embrace reality?

“So much of the hesitation and shortsightedness that has delayed this moment is premised on sheer fiction. And I take no pleasure in rebutting misguided fantasies,” McConnell said in a rebuke of some members of his party. “I wish, sincerely, that recognizing the responsibilities of American leadership was the price of admission for serious conversations about the future of our national security.”

McConnell knows that his party was on the wrong side of history in 1940-41; he doesn't want to repeat that error. He blamed both Tuckyo Rose and the TOFF for the delay in authorizing aid to Ukraine.

JD Vance, on the other hand, offered the lame-ass excuse that Putin is not Hitler. that's true, if the deciding factor is industrial-based genocide. but as to everything else, such as invading neighboring countries, abolishing freedom of the press and jailing people for having the temerity to even mildly speak out in dissent, there isn't a sliver of difference between the two.

I'll post the roll-call roster when I find a form that's easy to copy. But, having said that, a majority of GOP senators chose to vote for tyranny and for Putin. Most of the expected suspects in the Caucus of Appeasers voted to appease Putin: Blackburn, Hawley, Cruz, Johnson, among others.

I am glad that enough Republican senators stood up to their pro-Putin wing. But it's sad that it was a minority of Republicans in both houses of Congress. Pro-Hitler then, Pro-Putin now.


DTWND said...

Heard a comedian explain the difference between a Democrat and a Republican.

Democrat - Like the nice uncle that promises to take you to Disneyland, but something always comes up, an unexpected bill, car needs repair, a hospitalization. And you never get to go there.

Republican - Like the grumpy old uncle that's always complaining about the unexpected bill, car needs repair, a hospitalization, and because of that there's never enough money to take you to Disneyland. And you never get to go there.
But your grumpy uncle goes anyway.


CenterPuke88 said...

Decided Charles Berlitz's "Passport to Russian" was a better gift to my CongressCritter, Ms. Van Duyne. Delivered it today to a poor confused Office Intern/Staffer.

dan gerene said...

J D Vance saying Putin is not Hitler is like saying cancer is not tuberculosis. It doesn't mean that one of them should be ignored and left alone to do it's thing.