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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Your Sunday Morning Big Prop Noise

A B-24 Liberator:


Brad_in_IL said...

Witchcraft .. that beautiful bird is part of the collection owned/operated by The Collings Foundation. They also have a B17, B25, and TP-51C two seat mustang.

Bruce said...


I hope this link works, if you like the song of the radial, you'll like this.

Old NFO said...

Those big radials have a special sound... :-) Thanks!

B said...

I've seen, and flown in "Witchcraft". It is a pretty nice bird. Needs another restoration though...it's getting long in the tooth.

hjmler said...

a friend of my dad flew B-24s from Africa against the oil fields in Romania... he and his crew hated that plane... with the bomb loads and gas enough to get home they were going in at less than 20,000 feet at around 230mph, maybe, and the gas tanks were high on the fuselage at the wing roots... it was called a flying coffin cuz the only exit was aft, damn near impossible to get to, though he said his crew made their own mods to give themselves a better chance.... statistically, your chances in a B-24 were about the same as a B-17 - overall 1 in 10. But his experience was low-level runs over heavily defended oil fields and his squadron of 24 sometimes lost 4 or 5 crews, once they lost 8... bloody hell... I was about 11 or 12 when he laid all this out to me one afternoon at our kitchen table, all full of model airplanes and tv shows of the 1950s spewing patriotic blather in case we had to duck-n-cover... just a game, a fantasy... sobered me up.