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Friday, March 15, 2019

Because It's Friday

PS Natchez gets under way in New Orleans.


Deadstick said...

Not much of a wake...

Stewart Dean said...

I grew up in Louisville KY, 50's & '60s, when there were still a few working paddlewheelers about...there are still a few 'for show' of them around.
At full bore and travelling speed, a paddleboat's wake is something else: a long, long set of parallel rollers marching perpendicular to the direction of travel behind the wheeler, shown here at the opening of Mississippi Queen video
Back then I once sailed in a Thistle behind a paddlewheeler. It took us a minute and a half to stop bouncing.
The big ship building yard of Ohio is JeffBoat across the river from Louisville and the successor to Howard Shipyards, founded in 1834, which built many of the paddlewheelers (including the Mississippi Queen).
There also is the wonderful Howard Steamboat Museum
in Howard's original mansion. When I wuz a kid, I bicycled over there and visited it....at the time the last of the Howards were still alive, two fluttery spinster sisters who opened their home and told the stories. Tons of gorgeous models of all the different sorts of wheelers, including the cotton boats, which were just a framework to stack cotton bales on, like some enormous cross between a haywagon and a paddlewheeler.
At Derby Week, part of the festivities are contests between the Belle of Louisville (smaller and slower but more maneuverable) and the Delta Queen (bigger and faster), a race and a calliope duel. https://youtu.be/q1-pPTDqNfI