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Saturday, March 23, 2019


Chip gazes out a window:

Because of past shenanigans, he wears a harness and a lead whenever he's out of his room. It's a lot safer to break up a furball if all I have to do is grab the leash and yank him out of the fight.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

so he's a scrapper?

Comrade Misfit said...

He sure is. He doesn't pick fights, he finishes them. The other cat hissed at him and then smacked him. And thus, it was "game on, motherfucker."

dinthebeast said...

After Kitters went missing, we decided that our next cat would have to wear a collar with a tag on it. When our present cat showed up, we got him a nice collar, and put it on him, and he freaked out so hard that we haven't tried again. He managed to get a paw underneath the collar in his effort to get it off, and that made getting it off of him just this side of impossible, and made us wonder if he would hurt himself with a collar if we kept trying to get him to wear one.
He was already full grown when he wandered up, and not wearing a collar, so training him to wear one as a kitten as I have done with other cats wasn't an option.
It's just something you live with when you have a cat that gets to go outside: chances are one day they will just disappear.

-Doug in Oakland

Deadstick said...

Afraid you're right, Doug. Rasputin and Fellini had long, glorious indoor-outdoor careers, but then coyotes moved in and we lost Petronius after only 3 months. So, Hippolyta regretfully has to be an indoor cat.