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Friday, March 29, 2019

What Does the World Do With the Human Detritus of ISIS?

The announcement a week ago that the Islamic State had lost its final patch of territory in Syria was a milestone in the battle against the world’s most fearsome terrorist network. But it also raised urgent questions about what to do with the tens of thousands of people who had flocked to join the jihadists from around the world and now have nowhere else to go
It's an interesting question. It's a pretty safe bet that the countries where they came from, especially those in Europe, eastern Asia and North America, don't want them back. The same is probably true for the governments of most Arab nations.

Killing them all is not an option. That's what ISIS would have done.

So I guess they'll stay in fenced camps as stateless people until maybe into the next century.


B said...

But then the press will show them as martyrs...oppressed.

MarkS said...

This shouldn't be this hard. If you're a citizen of a country and have broken their laws while abroad , you are still a citizen and therefore subject to your country's laws. If you have broken no laws, then you have no legal exposure. If a muslim woman, sympathetic to the caliphate, moved there and had children thinking that they would grow up in a religious paradise, only to have the reality turn out to be horribly wrong, how much more punishment should be your lot? I'm going to defy Godwin and put the word sippenhaftlings out there

Iron City said...

Kind of like Palestinians (kind of) but without a patch of desert to live on. Until they are given one.

The ex-ISIS refugees would have nobody to blame but themselves for the situation they are in. After like 60 years or so the ex-ISIS refugee camps could have their own multigenerational society holding, nursing, and improving on grudges and resentments sufficient to support terrorist attacks by suicide bomb, rocket and who knows what else.

Sounds like a great idea to keep them in camps someplace, certainly wouldn't want them too close to my house. The problem isn't punishing them more, the problem is assuring they haven't drunk (to mix a metaphor) the ISIS koolaid and letting them back into their home societies is admitting a bunch of terrorist sleeper cells.

Important straightforward questions with difficult answers.

Comrade Misfit said...

B, really? Don't work so hard at being a jerk.

MarkS, the Americans who went there arguably were providing support to a group that had been declared a terrorist organization. That's good for 20-30 years in prison.

Dark Avenger said...
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Comrade Misfit said...

DA, violation of Rule 1. Red Card.

B said...

Comrade: I meant that if you put them in camps they will be treated much like the Palestinians were (and are) by the press.

Sorry if that makes me a jerk in your eyes.

Dark Avenger said...

Gee, B, it’s almost like you’re equating ISIS terrorists with Palestinians. You’re smarter than that.

0_0 said...

Return to their countries of origin.
Punishment as applicable.
Debrief at least.

B said...

Really? So they have been treated by the press with the same criticism as the Israelies?
Reporting has been the same? I don't think so.

If we put the ISIS fighters in a camp, as per Comrade's suggestion, they will be treated by the press same as the Palestinians were treated. Biased reporting. Constantly made out to be "victims"...excuses made for their internal issues. Failure to give the full story when it make that group look bad. Outright lies and staged photos.

There is no good solution here. Best not to make the same mistakes as in the past though.

Not gonna get into a pissing match with you here, DA. Grow up.

CenterPuke88 said...

Palestinians are tools of the Arab world, created by the Western world’s guilt and the Israeli fight.

The Palestinians got screwed by the whole world, and now are being tortured by Israel (and its allies) and the Arabs as a proxy battle.

Collective guilt from the actions of the Axis in WWII is what made the West shoehorn a Jewish homeland into Palestine, and instead of doing so in a rational and deliberate manner, doing so in a slapdash and pretty criminal manner. The the Arabs decided to snuff out this “threat” and found out is wasn’t that easy as Israel effectively created itself. What is a shame is the failure of the right wing Israeli parties to recognize that while that have been harmed, so have the Palestinians, and thus their failure to accept that Israel is not blameless in this matter. In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s there was genuine belief that both sides could find a solution, that hope is long since dead.

Israel is drifting toward the South African model due to its support of service dodging Ultras and their inexeroable expansion into territory that was supposed to be Palestinian. The latest statements of Bibi show that this will likely end badly.

The Arabs refused to absorb the displaced Palestinians as a choice to try to budgeon the world with them and their horrible living conditions. Additionally, allowing them into their countries would have destablised their own countries.

The world has willfully allowed the disgraceful treatment of the Palestinians by the whole region, which has had the foreseeable result of creating an entire culture centered around extracting revenge, mainly against the Israelis because of there front and center part of this mess. Perhaps, if the Palestinians turned some of their anger against the Arabs governments that use them to threaten Israel, there would be some incentive to reach a reasonable accommodation between the Israelis and the Arabs...what that would be, I have no idea...but something has to change before the whole region implodes.

Israel faces the demographic question of its existence, as its Arab population continues to grow faster than its Jewish population, but the area as a whole is overpopulated. This will resultingly either compel the Israelis to start ousting portions of its Arab population or acquire more land. Either of these is unlike to work well, and will result in significant issues. Personally, I see the most likely result to be moderate Jewish emigration from Israel with the resulting move to the (figurative) right by the Israeli government and a resulting eventual regional conflict of a likely NBC nature.