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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Your Sunday Jet and Prop Noise

You get both from a C-123!


Deadstick said...

Now there's an airplane that couldn't decide what it wanted for power. The prototype was a glider f'chrissake, then it was two radials, then four jets, finally a hybrid loaded with Agent Orange.

Very popular with Hollywood...its comedic apotheosis was in Con Air.

CenterPuke88 said...

Same thing deadstick said, another web rat hole...

Prototype XCG-20 as a glider, then convert one to a XC-123 with 2 R-2800’s (C-123B) and another to a XC-123A with 4 J-47’s (also leads to the VC-123C high speed transport proposal). You produce the C-123B and later decide that adding 2 J85’s under the wmgs is a good idea (YC-123H, then C-123K+), but just in case you also produce a few with R-44’s on the wingtips (C-123J). What a maze, without getting into the revoking of the initial production contract because of pricing scams by Kaiser.

Even better is the fact a C-123K was shot down over Nicaragua in 1986, by an SA-7. Makes me wonder if a mere C-123B would have been shot down that way, given the thermal signature would likely be much lower.

Comrade Misfit said...

Some C-123s were brought back from Vietnam, where they had been used as sprayers. They were so contaminated with Agent Orange that ANG and AF mechanics have had problems. I think they scrapped those airplanes rather than pay to have them decontaminated.

But my memory may be off.

J4rh34d said...

Watched the C-123Bs "trying" to land at Hue and DaNang. Those last few feet seemed to take forever as they clawed their way down to the runway. Definitely showed their Chase roots.

Leo Knight said...

I toured one of these at an air show years ago, right after the movie "Operation Dumbo Drop" came out.