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Monday, April 16, 2018

Gee, Thanks, Obama!

For turning the FAA into an agency that has gone fully into regulatory-capture mode.

60 Minutes spent two segments on Allegiant Air last night.

While 60 Minutes has been known for slanted pieces, this one made it clear that the FAA's attitude toward Allegiant Air pretty much is that they don't intend to do anything until Allegiant kills some passengers. This is because three years ago, the Obama Administration shifted the FAA from enforcement to cheerleading.

In TV cop terms, they've gone from this:

To this:

Because that coffee won't drink itself!

For right now, it would seem that saving a few bucks on a trip might not be worth either your life or, at least, the risk of breathing in hazardous fumes. Of course, look to Allegiant to adopt the Trumpist tactic of screaming "false news".

(Yep, they did.)

1 comment:

B said...

The allegations of Allegiant's failures may be true. But you have to admit that 60 minutes "Jumped the Shark" a long time ago. They've become a TV show that either cheerleads or trashes....no longer useable for "news"...Their credibility died about 20 years ago. Great entertainment, but no longer what they once were. They are, at best, the Enquirer of mainstream TV (and even the Enqirer gets it right sometimes)....One wonders what Allegiant did to piss them (or whomever gives them orders) off? They don't go after a business without a reason, just like they don't cheerlead for something or promote it without orders.

Having said that, Allegiant is like a bad version of Spirit, and anyone who bothers to look can find that out.