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Friday, April 20, 2018

Dear Duke Students: Stand Up and Take Your Lumps Like Adults, You Fucking Snowflakes

It's shit such as this that makes me wonder about the fucking kids these days: Some students at Duke crashed an alumni event to issue demands. The event apparently wasn't open to them. Now that the kids might face some punishment for their behavior, they're using the snowflake defense:
I think we are particularly concerned that the University knows that by sending these conduct letters out that they will be concerning the students and that they will be exacerbating any preexisting mental health conditions and, like Bryce said, traumatizing and starting new ones, especially after Saturday's issues. I think that among the many things that we share in common with the administration, the number one thing is that we all want to see this University be better and be more accommodating and make changes. We're not sure why they're not taking that approach too and reaching out to us in good faith rather than initiating a conduct process.
Well, fucking waah.

Engage in protests, act like jerks and you get treated like jerks.

More to the point, back when there were protests at colleges about integration and the war, the risk that the protestors ran, and which they went in with full knowledge of, was that they might get sprayed with fire hoses and receive a hickory shampoo.

But these kids? They might get a bad mark in their permanent file or some other academic punishment and they're screaming that they shouldn't be punished for disrupting an event. Instead of standing up, like responsible adults, and taking what they have earned, no, they're wailing about it.

So kids, here's a box of tissues:

And the key to the weep locker:

Fucking crybabies.


Eck! said...

For those of them complaining of aggravated mental health issues from a college event
here is a suggestion.

GET HELP! report to the health clinic immediately.

For the rest, your in college, that means your fledgling adults. It also means you get to pay or reprimanded for anything stupid you do.

Special snowflakes,special idiots.


The New York Crank said...

This is a national disease. It's not limited to Duke.

Fortunately, I'm now too old to give a flying frisbee one way or another.

Yours very crankily,
The New York Crank