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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Could This be the Thing That Toasts Trump?

Trump told Comey that the pee-pee tape allegations couldn't be true because Trump didn't spend the night in Moscow.

Except that he did.

At the time, Comey was the director of the FBI. Which made Comey a Federal agent. And, as Martha Stewart can tell anyone, lying to a Fed is a felony beef.

That's probably why there is a bunch of coverage, now, about where Trump was.

I've been convinced for some time that if Trump goes to prison, it will be his mouth (or his tweeting) that sends him there.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...
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New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Could this the one thing that toast Trump?


Comey said Trump said. We have no idea what Trump said.

Hey, Trump is sort of a Federal Agent, too, right? Head of the Executive. Comey's boss's boss. Does this mean that Comey lied and lied to Trump ergo... Prison for Comey!

Kinda doubt it.

Dark Avenger said...

Trump gave an unforced admission here. It doesn’t matter who he gave it in front of, it can be used against him.

Try to stay focused, Juppiter.

dinthebeast said...

Fergus does have a seeming inability to not run his mouth about things he really shouldn't run it about. That's why his legal team, such as it is, is dead set against him doing an interview with Mueller's team: they know he'll blab himself into a violation of federal law whether there was any such violation before the interview or not.
Which is one reason not to elect anyone as professionally incompetent as Fergus to the presidency. It's not like nobody knew what is required of a president, none of this is even mildly surprising, much less shocking, and in fact we were screaming about it for the entire 2016 election cycle.
And who is this news to, exactly?
Certainly not Keith Schiller, his bodyguard at the time, who reacted to the pee pee tape allegations by claiming that the Russians had offered to send prostitutes, but they turned them down, and that he then stood outside of Fergus' door for a while before going off to bed.
Not both of them off to board a flight, but to bed.
If it came out of Fergus' mouth, there's a high probability that it is a lie.
Such lies, when told to the FBI by ANYONE, president, president elect, or Bozo the Clown, are indeed felonies.
So the real question seems to be "Do felonies committed by a Republican president even matter when there is a Republican controlled congress?"

-Doug in Oakland

Comrade Misfit said...

So now we have corroboration by Trump's bodyguard that Trump spent at least one night in Moscow.

As to the question of who's telling the truth, Comey or Trump, that's what juries are for.

B said...

Shoulda just said "I do not recall" Hey, it worked when the Clintons got questioned about their dirty dealings.....And they never got caught up in conflicting testimony or Martha Stewart like issues.
Of course, that's only 'cause no one could PROVE that they lied when they said they couldn't recall...And no one followed up later when they talked too much (especially Hillary)....Barry's justice department leaders gave her a pass.

But yes, TheDonald will likely talk his way into trouble.

Dark Avenger said...

You should check out Bad Tux as he has all the ins and outs of the Hillary e-mails. But you didn’t bring up Benghazi, and that may be a sign of progress.

Anonymous said...

At the time, Trump was a businessman with worldwide interests and international rivals. Does it make sense Trump would behave in such a way that would make himself vulnerable to blackmail by the Russian government or Russian "bizznessmen", many of whom are ex-KGB/GRU? It would put him at a disadvantage conducting business in Russia and he always seeks the advantage.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

"So now we have corroboration by Trump's bodyguard that Trump spent at least one night in Moscow. "

I'm sure if someone asked Trump he'd freely admit he spent a night in Moscow. In fact he already has volunteered it more than once without asking.

The only person that says he didn't is Comey. Reliable Comey.

Unknown said...

imho ... it's Dunning-Kruger meets Darwin Awards winner 😂😂😂

Pass the popcorn, as the commentaria say 😎😎😎

Stephanie Belser said...

All due respect, NJT, but if in a "whose telling the truth" bet between Trump and Comey, if you're putting your money on Comey, I'd strongly suggest that you avoid going to racetracks and casinos.

Dark Avenger said...

Old moldy Juppiter, I suggest you do some research as to whom of the two men has the history of lying and b*llsh#tting, and then get back to us.

Comrade Misfit said...

DA, you could have gotten that out without the first two words.

Yellow card.

Dark Avenger said...
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Comrade Misfit said...

DA: Enough, dammit. Stop , already.

Red card.

Dark Avenger said...

This isn’t a blog, it’s an asylum.

B said...

"So the real question seems to be "Do felonies committed by a Republican president even matter when there is a Republican controlled congress?"
-Doug in Oakland"

Probably a better chance than Felonies committed by a DNC candidate mattering when there is a DNC President in office....

Sadly though, neither cares much for the rule of law.

If, of course, TheDonald DID, Provably, commit a felony. (Which I grant, is a possibility).
Having said that, they let Hillary get a way with more, so the FBI has proven it is a political animal....SO they might well let this (if it happened) pass as well. Then again, they hate him more than they feared Barry and his appointees, so they might not.

Make no mistake. I think Hillary should have been prosecuted for her lying, and if they can prove Donnie did, then they should hold him accountable as well.

CenterPuke88 said...

"Having said that, they let Hillary get a way with more". Really, such as what? A server, that was also done by Shrub Bush...Benghazi, even Gowdy has admitted she did nothing wrong...Comet Pizza, really?...

Dark Avenger said...

What did she lie about, B? Give us the time, place, and what she lied about. Your unsupported assertions we can find on the Freeper website every day of the week. You should be able to show something by now.