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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Just Be Nice and Give the Crooks What They Want, Right?

Via Zendo Deb, comes a couple of international stories of interest.

In Durban, SA, an elderly woman fought back against a crew of home invaders who, no doubt, thought that her house would be easy pickings. They were wrong. She killed one, wounded another, and the cops caught a third perp. The woman, herself, was also wounded.

If you have to deal with three armed intruders, damned skippy you're going to be thankful for a gun that has a high-capacity (aka "skool-kid-massacring") magazine. They're legal in states that are less afraid of their citizens than others.

Up in Winterpeg, a crazy woman broke into a family's home. Luckily, she wasn't a threat to the family, but if she was, they'd have been SOL. Because it took the cops 45 minutes to respond to three 911 calls.

Years ago, I called 911 for a violent dispute in progress out in the parking lot of the complex where I lived. It took fifteen minutes for the cops to show up.

I feel no need to state the obvious.

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JFM said...

I’m often puzzled as to why the right of self-defense and owning the tools of self-defense are of political contention at all. The right to protect yourself and your family has got to be the most basic of human rights no matter your political beliefs.