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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Where Does the First Shot Go?

In the crotch:

He's quite right about body armor being for sale on eBay.

My thought is to envision the critter wearing a necktie and then shoot him in the knot. But starting off with a shot into his crotch is an idea worth pondering.


cannon said...

the knees. if you miss the first jerk in the stack, you have a good chance of hitting one of his buddies behind him. and if you are using 12 guage #4 shot turkey loads, you stand a real good change of taking down multiple door breakers.

Anonymous said...
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Comrade Misfit said...

Truckload of Red Cards to that guy.

BadTux said...

Depends on the range. Unless you're at point blank range, you aren't hitting the crotch. You'll be lucky to hit the perp with a typical handgun in a combat situation. If the perp has decided to grapple with you and you have a gun, shoot'em in the crotch, of course. But usually it ain't that easy.

The deal about grappling, boxing, and cage fighting is a lot of good points in basically one big long run-on.

As for the knees, no. People move around their center of mass. Their center of mass isn't jerking around wildly. Neither is their pelvis, if you're close enough to accurately aim at it, it's basically moving with their center of mass. Knees... you ever watch someone walk? You ever watch a schoolyard fistfight, for that matter? Their knees are all fucking over. Unless your perp is just standing there like a target, you aren't htting them in the knee. Not even if you're at point blank range, unless you got some big goon called Guido holding his shoulders and chest down and another big goon called Luigi holding his feet down. Then you can stop his knees from thrashing around too much to get a clean shot at'em. Not before.

Glenn Kelley said...

What is left unsaid is that there are some major arteries in that area . A shot to the wedding tackle may make you cringe but if they miss and hit the femoral artery you will be a statistic .

Comrade Misfit said...

BadTux, at the distance that I suspect that most self-defense incidents happen, a shot to the lower pelvis is going to be doable.

Body armor will likely be worn by someone whose intent is to do harm to somebody. It may not be the choice of a street crook, because of the risk to them of attracting attention by a sharp-eyed cop.

hans said...

Latest I've seen has plenty of crotch coverage - and if you're that close double 00 in the face works

Eck! said...


How many here have seen full mil armor?

I've worn it with full class III plates! The stuff is very heavy
between the IOTV and the plates. It is a bit restrictive and you
need the brain bucket. However arms, legs, sides of chest, as
the coverage is front and rear not all around, face and neck
are not covered at all.

Where to shoot, arms, face, legs, actually either side of the crotch
is a better shot as it takes the pelvis, possible major arteries
and can drop the shooter. lots of exposed or weakly covered areas.
For a sniper not a problem, Close in handgun go for exposed areas
rather than muscle training (center of mass). NOTE the armor even
classIII plates are only enough for most handgun rounds and 5.56
and multiple hits or heavier rounds are going to be effective.

Armor is not invulnerable, its design is to protect the wearer
to improve odds but once the off the center of mass its rather
thin protection. It does help for frag and unaimed shots.

Again talismen and wishes. Better to not be there.