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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

More Fiscal Responsibility from the Trumpers

I'm just kidding. Previous EPA administrators have generally traveled in Chevrolet Tahoes, and Pruitt was supposed to do the same when he joined the Trump administration last February.

But work orders from May 2 show that Pruitt's staff scrapped the Tahoe in favor of a larger, newer and pricier Chevy Suburban. The work orders also reveal that Pruitt's staff asked for custom modified bucket seats with bullet-resistant covers, Wi-Fi and GPS navigation systems. The car's lease cost $10,200 for the first year, according to records.
Pruitt also wanted a bulletproof desk, in case his staff went postal on him, I guess. And a $43G phonebooth in his office.

Pruitt seems to have no trouble in living the high life at our expense.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's $850/month. I pay almost $300 for my Honda and I'm sure I don't have Kevlar seats. Then again, I don't need Kevlar seats because I'm not afraid of being ambushed or whatever reason Mr. Pruitt needs the Kevlar seats. Maybe they are impervious to ice cream drips, coffee spills, or protean stains. That would be a reasonable reason.