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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

About 44 Years Ago

It sounds more Hollywood than history. A paranoid president, unhinged, drinking heavily, ranting against his enemies, terrifies subordinates. The defense secretary commits what may be the most patriotic act of treason in American history: ordering the Joint Chiefs of Staff to ignore any White House military initiatives lacking his signature.

Most historians believe that as Richard Nixon staggered toward resignation in 1974, Secretary of Defense James R. Schlesinger undermined the president’s constitutional authority.
I knew someone who was there at the time. This really did happen. Of course, there were no written orders, but it did happen about the way that this article said it did.

Which leads one to wonder whether Secretary Mattis has had similar conversations with the military commanders. Dollars to donuts that Mattis is aware of this bit of history.

1 comment:

BadTux said...

Of course Mattis is aware of this history. Mattis is aware of all history.

[Mattis is the new Chuck Norris, at least for military and veterans ;) ].