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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dear Medical Community, Big Pharma and the DEA: Go Fuck Yourselves.

I really despise all of you, especially the DEA.

Yes, there was a problem with the doctors who were "candymen", who were prescribing oodles of pain meds to adicts. Yes, there was a problem with Big Pharma egging them on.

But what we have, now, are people in pain who cannot get any relief because the doctors are terrified that the motherfucking DEA, as overseen by Little Jeffy Sessions, is going to come in and strip their prescription authority. The pharmacies have been similarly scared.

I got a taste of this when I had a surgical procedure recently. The doc gave me a prescription for a dozen Percocet tablets. From the reaction at the pharmacy, you'd have thought that I was asking for the limb of one of their children.

I know people who have severe back pain and other chronic pain issues. Mostly, the doctors are basically telling them to suck it up, stay home and suffer in silence. Because the doctors are afraid that some badged-up, gun-toting Federal beancounter is going to compare the number of patients, the number of prescriptions and pass judgment without a care as to what maladies are afflicting those patients.

To be clear, I am not wishing that Little Jeffy Sessions suffer from a bad back or bone cancer. But if he does, and if he's screaming in pain, I sincerely hope that his doctors hand him a bottle of aspirin and tell him to suck it up.


B said...
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B said...

Preach it sister...

Having said that, the issues started a LONG time ago, and many Attorneys General (and Presidents) have ignored it.

and now we have the left and the media (but I repeat myself)screaming about the "Opiod Epidemic" (which it isn't, really) and so people are Doing Something....even if it is the wrong thing.

It's what politicians do...

B P said...

End the war on drugs. Declare certain undesirable substances to be insusceptible of ownership. Problem solved.

Eck! said...

Big pharma, they have all the fixes.... They offer them and we buy them on the belief it actually works.

Then we read the fine print and find out the cure may be far worse than the disease. You know the list of things that might happen like the antidepressant that may make you suicidal. That works well, not.

Its a bill of goods and the price is way too high. Sometimes you need it to live but find out the cost will kill you.


3383 said...

It sounds like Eck! has never needed to manage pain. Which is fortunate for Eck, but blathering generalities about Big Pharma helps noone.

w3ski said...

Preaching to the choir, with me Comrade. Everyone has pain sometimes in their life, and we all deal with it differently. I have a Doctor and I trust him as much as I trust anyone else. He proscribed an Opiate for my current daily pain. It works, mostly. So now I have The Health Company and the Pharmacy all worried that I am either strung out or selling my medicine.
This is between me, and my Doctor, yes? Why do politicians and health company executives, and "concerned" pharmacists, think they know more about my pain than the Doctor?
I have this thing anyway, I Hate "moral scolds", and this is literally getting under my skin.
If they really worry about people getting addicted then they need to lighten up on the proscribed stuff, before people have to go to the street corner instead.

Eck! said...

3383, you are really wrong.

I have a unhappy knee, a back than is far from happy, had a few surgeries.
I know pain and live with it. I'm not against legit need, its the total nutty
of the industry.

I've also been subject to doctors prescribing things that had pronounced side effects for me yet refusing things that are known to me effective and safe. That's bullshit.

Like EBM, back in February the other half needed Codine based cough syrup as coughing till blue (With COPD that is real!) is not fun to watch. Took two hours and two different pharmacies to get it and its a one time prescription. Oh, had
to drag her around to them with a fever and hacking cough as I could not pick it up.


cpinva said...

the CDC put out a report stating that the number of deaths from drug overdoses was around 60k per year. this number includes deaths from all drugs, legal/illegal, street/pharmaceutical. after filtering out all deaths from non-prescription drugs, the number of prescription opioids is roughly 5k per year. a lot, but hardly an epidemic. more people die per year from non-drug related car crashes.

this CDC report is where the claims of an prescription opioid epidemic is coming from, knowingly misused by people who have a vested financial/political interest in lying about it. they do this, because they are (rightly so) fairly certain the average person isn't going to read that report, and call them on their lies. until such time as the major media begin to publicly question the veracity of those claims, they'll continue being made, to the detriment of all of us.