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Thursday, October 13, 2016

What Chris Christie Has Wrought

UPDATE: Christie may be criminally charged over Bridgegate.

The near destruction of one of the premier mass-transit networks in the country. Cutting maintenance, slashing improvement funds, wringing every possible dime out of the budget with no thought as to future effects.

Christie, along with most of his party, despise mass-transit to begin with. That much is a given. In their view, the proles should be walking along dirt paths as the elite glide in on expensive toll roads.

There is also the Wall-Street Disease: A total focus on the short term, with zero planning for any period of time past the present quarter or the current budget cycle. That's why pensions are underfunded, roads are falling apart, and mass-transit systems are breaking down. Tools like Secaucus Fats care not that cutting a million here and there from maintenance budgets means that there will be more breakdowns, more emergent repairs and sooner replacements that will end up costing a few orders of magnitude more money than they have boasted that they saved.

Christie is leaving his state in far worse condition than it was when he took over. He has utterly failed the Boy Scout Test. No wonder he wants to bail to be a lackey in a Trump administration.


3383 said...

Wall Street Disease? It applies where any asshole manager can look good by cutting maintenance and save short term money, even in government positions. If the entire department working for him can see it, surely the level above does- and doesn't care.

dinthebeast said...

There was that tunnel he killed right when he got elected, took the money and reneged on previous obligations...

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

Or the has to pend a bunch on social welfare programs that are mandated bu unfunded...and union contracts for the government workers ....and pensions..... so he cuts corners where he can. Much like his predecessors.