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and then beat you with experience.” -- Mark Twain

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Saturday, October 1, 2016


Chip has caught the elusive flying bird.

I like this toy better than of a laser pointer. The target moves in three dimensions and I can let him win from time to time.

He doesn't shed very much. This is the result of a full-body brushing:

His only quirk is a desire to explore the garage when I'm getting ready to leave. Some days, I can block him. Other days, he squirts by me. Chip can move very quickly. So I put stuff in my car at least five to ten minutes before I need to go. If he gets into the garage, I shut the door and turn out the lights (there are no windows). Wait five minutes, open the door and he'll come back into the house.

The garage is now a "catlock"-- only one door is open at a time.


3383 said...

A cat that can move very quickly? Next you will tell us your cat will fit through a 2.54 cm gap between your ankle and the doorframe!

Eck! said...

They can! They widen the gap!

Boo would remove himself from the garage when needed by a rather brash sounding
bulb horn he didn't like. One honk would do it.

Some cats are explorers other are timid of new spaces. The only Rule I can apply to those I've know is, they be cat, and each is unique.


wolfbitch said...

I've also got a tabby, a third (maybe fourth) generation urban wild cat, but that's about as much as he sheds as well. Silly me, I thought I'd have no cat-horking problems, but that wasn't true. What was true is that I get ZERO warning signs that he's about to hork--he does it in absolute silence, the furry little jerk.

But he can sure get between me and the door to the apartment building hallway.

stepinit said...

In that picture, he looks like he trying to figure out what do I do now.