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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Is It Just Me, Or .... "Come the Revolution" Ed.

Is it just me, or does it seem as though at least have of the people blathering about "the revolution that will happen if Clinton wins" are obese, grey-haired white dudes, half of whom have beards?

As BadTux has pointed out, based on what happened at Malheur, there isn't going to be any such revolution. Every leftist group, including the Quakers, already knows that any time they plan a protest, at least some of the planners are spying on them for the local cops, the Army or the FBI.

It's no different with the right-wing groups. They're all riddled with informers. By the time five or six people are involved, figure at least one of them is a rat.

And that doesn't even get to the part that a revolutionary group of old, fat white guys isn't going to raise much of a sweat for the government when it comes time to crush them.


Anonymous said...

Agree! Back in the day (75-80) I was a young Infantry officer spending a lot of time on field maneuvers, such that 4-6 months of a year were spent in the great outdoors. Now, that is tolerable for a young person.

The idea that a bunch of oldsters whose idea of camping out is an RV with Sat TV, A/C, and toilet are going to stage a revolt is laughable.

I never saw combat, but from all my training, I can tell these Trumpshirts that real combat is not like "Call of Duty" and there is no reset button when you get killed.

The Bundy bunch already proved that most of the ones that aren't rats are wimps.

Jack the Cold Warrior

B said...

"3 can keep a secret....if 2 of them are dead"

w3ski said...

I had heard 'stories' about Fema Camps and the like. Not owning stock in Alcoa it hadn't been a concern to me.
I can imagine though that if a group of 'grey haired, overweight, bearded white guys' try to revolt, we may just see some of those 'camps'.
Personally I wouldn't mind if the cops confiscated some of those guy's guns.
Except mine could be next.