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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Musings on Gas & Guns

When you buy premium gas at a gas station, it's probably a good bet that the hose is filled with regular gas. So how much low-octane gas are you getting at premium prices?

This is part of a wall of guns for sale at a gun shop:

It is probably a reasonable bet that by November 12, everything on the wall will have been sold.


CenterPuke88 said...

IDK, there's a decent chance the idiot before you used mid-grade, a money spinner for the station owner. Both my cars take regular, so I get a bonus that way. For those of you that don't understand why mid-grade is a bad idea, most cars sold in the US work on regular gas (87 octane here), and a small percentage require (a larger percentage recommend) premium (93 octane here).

Now gas stations have two tanks, one for regular and one for premium. To get mid-grade fuel, they mix 2 parts of regular with 1 part of premium...and charge half the difference between the two. So they use 1/3 more expensive fuel but charge like it's 1/2 premium fuel, cha-ching.

Marc said...

President Obama will be going door to door on November 8, while people are standing in long lines to vote, and confiscate those voters guns. I know it's true, since I read it on Facebook! So yes, those guns on the wall will probably be gone, bought to replace the ones President Obama personally took....

3383 said...

CP88, you don't get any bonus. "Premium" only grants a higher detonation threshold; it is neither cleaner nor higher quality than regular. You will get fractionally less mileage because of the lower BTU/ gallon.

I used to fill from each pump at Costco (only 87 and 92) because my 2001 pickup pinged hellaciously on regular.

Marc, thank you for the high emotion/ low information content. You have that in common with Kaep and the wingnuts who nominated Drumpf.

Comrade Misfit said...

3383, Marc was being sarcastic.

3383 said...

I know, Comrade; but it comes across as if he thinks anyone really believes that.

Apologies for messing in your sandbox.

Marc said...

Next time I'I'll use the tag.

Marc said...

Whoops. s/b "/snark tag".