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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Not Just "Bad Language", Now

There are Trump supporters[1] who have been saying "oh, it's just bad language from Trump. No big deal."

It's more than that. The Bad-Haired Pervert is allegedly a sexual predator.

Trump is saying "why didn't they say so at the time"? Anyone who thinks that doesn't understand what happens when one woman accuses a powerful man of sexual misconduct: She gets fucking buried.[2] Whether powerful men[3] or powerful institutions,[4] nobody believes a single accuser, not until there are multiple accusers and evidence of the accusations.

Trump's campaign seems to now be placing its hopes on emails that it got from an (alleged) fellow sexual predator[5], who got the emails from the Russians. Who never ever would dare to forge or alter them, ya sure, you betcha.

So what we have, now, is an American political candidate who is trying to prop up his campaign with documents that have been furnished by the spooks of a hostile power. His lackeys on the Right see nothing wrong with any of that. But you can bet your paycheck that they'd be calling for Clinton's immediate execution if the situation was reversed.

Still, it is very enjoyable to see the same people, who have spent two decades blasting Bill Clinton for being a sexual predator, now twisting themselves into knots to defend Trump for actions that were worse. (Leering at a 10-year old? Really?)[6]

UPDATE: The hits keep coming.
[1] #DipShits
[2] Ask Anita Hill about that.
[3] Ask Joe Paterno, Dennis Hastert, Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby about that.
[4] Ask the Catholic church about that.
[5] Julian Assange.
[6] On second thought, it's not out of his character.


D. said...

I have noticed for several years now that "right-wingers" are especially credulous about documents obtained from/leaked from the former Soviet Union or modern Russia.

No, I don't know why, either.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Well, Hillary MURDERED me! Don't vote for Hillary!


dinthebeast said...

I liked the way Michelle Obama put it today: Strong men don't demean women to lift themselves up. (I think I got that right) Imagine that, a political speech calling for human decency.
After tonight in Florida, what's he gonna do? Call down the apocalypse?

-Doug in Oaklkand

B said...

All these poor women...so traumatized that they couldn't do anything for YEARS, until Just Before the Election...

and all at once. Odd that.

Surely you aren't stupid enough to believe this shit, are you?

If any of this were true, they'd have sued hom for harassment or charged him with assault, if only for a payout LONG before this.

Comrade Misfit said...

B, surely you aren't stupid enough to not understand how sexual assault allegations play out against the rich and powerful? Everybody is afraid to make the allegation, at first, because they know that they'd get crucified.

Which is exactly what Trump would have done to the first woman to sue him.

And nobody believes the first allegation, which is why the PA prosecutors let Bill Cosby walk ten years ago.

Guys like Trump and Cosby and institutions like the Catholic Church, they think they're invulnerable. Above the law.

Then an accusation is made and taken seriously. There's evidence. Then the dam of invulnerability pops a hole and erosion takes care of the rest.

Trump brought himself down. He stated what he did. but when Trump and his lackeys began with the "oh, it's just locker-room talk", then the women who Trump assaulted came forward to state, no, it wasn't just talk.

Your guy is a sexual pervert, a predator.

And yes, he's your guy.

But I can understand why you'd take comfort in conspiracy theories. Has to hurt to know that you've been taken in by a slick con. Better to blame the ones who are shining the light on the whole rotten mess.

B said...

I know you want Hillary to win...I understand. I do. You reasoning for why you want her to win is likely as valid as my reasons I want her to lose.

But really, you have to be smarter than this.

The DNC believes you are stupid enough to buy into this. I figured you were smarter than that. Most women I know are not so gullible.

You shouldn't be either.

You should read what Peter says:


dinthebeast said...

Now that Trump is coming apart, there's a lot of desperation bubbling up to the surface.
Did you see the video of Roger Waters directing the song "Pigs" at Trump at the Desert Trip with Jess and Holly from Lucius backing him up?

-Doug in Oakland

Comrade Misfit said...

B, you have come onto my blog and, in two comments, called me both "stupid" and "gullible".

We're done.

B said...

I called you gullible. You chose to intuit stupid.

I will apologize for using language you found insulting, on your blog.