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Friday, October 28, 2016

Apple Thinks Its Customers are Morons

Exhibit 1, this commercial:

First off, the moron is going out to ride his bike in a thunderstorm. That is such a patently bad idea that I see no need to expound further on that.

Second, in dim light with low visibility, the moron is wearing a black riding getup with no reflectivity. He is just asking to be center-punched into the Next World by anything the size of a SmartCar or larger. Hell, if he gets clipped by a large truck, the driver might not even know that a bike-riding moron just died.

What I can see is Apple ending up in court, defending against a wrongful-death suit. One would hope that they lose and lose badly.

Seems as though a lot of marketing people need to be beaten with a clue-bat each morning.


todgermanica said...

No, the lawyers got that covered. In tiny letters underneath it says "Professional rider on closed course. Do not attempt". So potential Darwin Award winners and stylish Apple fanbois will read that and not attempt. Easy. Apple sales increase!

Comrade Misfit said...

"Liquid damage not covered by warranty" is what the fine print says.

B said...

One of many ads that makes me NOT want to buy Apple.

Anonymous said...

Thank you,

I had the same thoughts. I almost was the driver that killed a similar idiot a few years ago. Driving along at ten pm, some idiot all in blue jeans and dark hoodie blows through a stop sign. Braking hard and slaloming into the other lane, I missed him/her. They pedaled off without lights and completely oblivious.

For your own sakes, wear bright colors and use lights! Get a fluorescent vest. LED Lights are cheap. Please!