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Monday, October 3, 2016

As for Myself, I Wouldn't Use FireClean to Lubricate the Hinges of a Shithouse Door

This is why:
Two months after a federal judge dismissed FireClean’s defamation case against an Arizona blogger, the gun lubricant maker re-filed allegations in another state.

FireClean’s owners, brothers David and Edward Sugg, maintain their argument that Andrew Tuohy, owner of Vuurwapen Blog, made false claims about their product in his analysis of the lubricant’s chemical makeup.

The Suggs say every day since Tuohy published his findings they have suffered $100 in emotional stress and another $100 in reputational harm. They also blame Tuohy’s work for more than $150,000 in lost revenue.
Forum-shopping is a dickish move.

Worse, for them, every time they pull this shit, the "FireClean is Canola Oil" line gets a fresh airing all over the gun blogs and other social media. It's a repetitive case of the Streisand Effect.

I'd have to wonder of the Suggs are advising the Trump campaign. For they seem to have the same level of butthurt.


B said...

"I'd have to wonder of the Suggs are advising the Trump campaign. For they seem to have the same level of butthurt."

You may have a point.

Comrade Misfit said...

You may have a point.

I think my heart is giving out in shock.


B said...

Hey, I never said you were entirely wrong....Just not entirely rational about Trump.

And I still think if we could vote "None of the above" we'd both do it.

Besides, funny is funny.

Sikhandtake said...

"None of the above" would be a nice option, provided that a constitutional amendment was included to extend the term of the current office occupant while another election was held.

Comrade Misfit said...

"None of the above" would be nice, especially if it extended the current term by six months so the parties could choose someone else. The current nominees would have to be declared ineligible. And the next president would have their first term shortened, so as to put the election cycle back on track.

But barring that, I have to vote for the candidate who is not batshit-crazy. There is a lot I don't care for about Hillary, but I trust that she won't Twitter us into a nuclear war. I can't say the same about Trump.

B said...

I like your refinement of my basic idea.

Sadly, I feel the same about Hillary that you do about Trump. I do try to use the same metric when judging both of them, however.

B said...

Oh, and BTW: